Barrel Work

We can, and have, done all kinds of barrel work. From turning custom profiles, fitting barrel components, rotary dovetails, front sights, to obscure threads. We can turn and thread just about anything, so if what you want isn't listed, please contact us. 

Thread & Chamber

We can thread and chamber just about any action we have come across. Including Left Hand ACME threads from an action made in 1895. 



Some additional charges may apply

Custom Profiling

Custom contouring is available to your specifications. Whether it is duplicating an Original Mauser or merely matching something you find aestheticly pleasing. 

Front Sights
Rotary Dovetails

Specialty machining for almost any project. 

Thumbnail Cuts

Some customers request minor additions to increase the look of their projects. 

Custom Rear Sights

Installing a variety of sight configurations

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