Mr. LaPour's original description:

"Supplied with a new cocking piece. Uses the original firing pin with a new 24-lb. spring. This unit will change the 1917 Enfield to cock on opening, and shortens the firing pin fall to about .200”. The shroud features a gas shield over the left bolt lug raceway. Left receiver wall must be shortened up to the bolt stop box hinge. All parts are machined and heat-treated. All fitting points are left long or oversize for final gunsmith fitting. All parts are supplied in the white. Fitting instructions are included."

After discussing the design with Mr. LaPour, we have made a few changes. Currently the Remington Model 30 bolt shrouds will retain the original firing pin. The 1917/1914 bolt shroud will use a redesigned cocking piece and firing pin with a Model 70 style arrangement. 


These bolt shrouds are NOT drop in parts. This cost is NOT included in the cost of the bolt shroud. They will require a competent gunsmith and or machinist to install. I am happy to install them on your rifle once PreSale shipments are fulfilled.

The current estimated cost for these are $500. Pre Sale bolt shrouds receive a 10% discount. 

Please visit this page to see any updates. Do not hesitate to email questions!

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