At Myers Arms LLC we work in conjunction with several different firms to provide the best quality finish work for a reasonable cost. Different grades of work often require different grades of finishing and as such, there are several options to choose from. 

Bluing by 
        Dresden Gun Company


               (Seasonal, please inquire as to availability)

               (Pricing varies depending on type of rifle)

Polishing by 
        Dresden Gun Company


Metal Prep and polishing are quoted on a case by case basis. After reviewing your project I will coordinate with The Dresden Gun Company to have your rifle refinished according to your specifications. 


Polishing Services by 
              Myers Arms LLC



Metal Prep and polishing are quoted on a case by case basis. Polishing services are based upon the time it takes to complete the necessary work. 


Polishing is not a fast job, customers in the past have wanted to rush the job and save money. Our policy will be to polish to the desired grit to perfection. As each project is unique the customer will be made aware of an estimated price based on the work at hand. 






We are lucky to have a local craftsman who offers Nitre bluing and Color Case hardening services. He is understandably selective about the services he provides, so please contact us for more information. 

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