Haenel 1900 & 1909 Rifles

      I read a fascinating write up by a member of the German Gun Collectors Association about a Haenel rifle produced in competition with the Mauser 98 rifles. After reading the article and a little research online I became fascinated by the parallel developments of companies trying to circumvent the design patents held by Mauser.  Not one week later I was strolling down an aisle at the Ohio Gun Collectors Association discussing guns with a friend when I stopped in my tracks. There, sitting on a table, was a Haenel 1900. 


    I began a research project to learn about Haenel. There is very little available. With a great amount of help from member in GGCA I have started laying out a basic frame work of identifying guns and starting a reference file for study. Enough boring stuff, lets get to the details. 


"C.G. Haenel produced precision weapons since 1840. The brand took its name from the weapon designer of the royal Prussian weapons factory, Carl Gottlieb Haenel. It became known for previously unknown precision, production and construction quality and product longevity: Carl-Wilhelm Aydt developed the rolling-block action for Haenel in the 19th Century; Hugo and Hans Schmeisser developed machine pistols and assault rifles in the 20th Century." - Haenel RS8/RS9 Brochure


Below there are several links. There are some interesting documents pertaining to Haenel. There are some links to several Haenels that I have been fortunate enough to purchase. One is a technical reference detailing various developments in the Haenel Model 1900 & 1909 model rifles. These, coupled with their predecessor the 1888 are the primary focus of my technical study. I am in addition, however, attempting to collect basic data related to Haenels production of all rifles. This helps understand better how they serialized contracts, where different models fell in their serialization, and basic information concerning production trends. 

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