Ed Lapour 3 Position Bolt Shroud

We are extremely proud that Mr. LaPour found our Quality to meet his expectations and has passed this product to our hands. As time and demand justify we will be offering Mr. LaPour 3-position bolt shrouds to the gunmaking community and public. We are currently in the process of setting up production for the 1917 Enfield bolt shrouds. We hope to have them available end of 2020. 

At this time Mr. LaPour will continue fitting and installing bolt shrouds as time permits. 

If you are looking for a 3-position bolt shroud, please contact us to let us know your interest. 

Springfield 1903 3 Position Bolt Shroud  *IN STOCK*

Mauser 1896 3 Position Bolt Shroud *PRE-SALE Coming SOON*

Enfield 1917 3 Position Bolt Shroud  *PRE-SALE*


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