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Ed Lapour Springfield 1903 3 Position Safety Bolt Shroud


* PRE - SALE * 


Supplied with a new cocking piece and firing pin body. The cocking piece is of headless design. An original-look cocking-knob type cocking piece is available. Our design reduces firing pin fall to about .380”. All components are precision machined from US sourced Alloy steel and as necessary, heat-treated. All critical fitting points are left long and over sized for final gunsmith fitting. All parts are supplied in the white. Fitting instructions are included.


This Pre - Sale is being offered to a limited number of customers. Prototypes are finished, and material is on hand, and we are currently machining components. 


Purchaser’s of a Pre-Sale unit will receive a 10% discount off of the regular price of $450. 


If you would like to purchase a pre - sale unit please send an email and we will provide instructions for payment. Should you have any questions, please feel free to email them.

*UPDATE 2/9/20*

We are currently waiting on outside vendors supplying the lever detent, screws, and spring. Once these arrive, final machining will be started. 

*UPDATE 2/12/20*

Cocking piece Knobs have been designed and are in production for those that want a traditional look

*UPDATE 2/15/20*

Cocking pieces are machined and awaiting heat treat

*UPDATE 3/5/20*

Levers are in production. Still waiting on outside vendors to begin final machining before heat treat. 

*UPDATE 3/14/20*
Cocking pieces are heat treated

*UPDATE 3/27/20*

Plunger Levers are machined and heat treated

A supplier has FINALLY been found that can domestically produce the needed spring! 

Production Assembly
Plunger Pin
Knurled Cocking Knob
Cocking Pieces ready for HT
Testing Fit & Function
Testing Fit & Function
Testing Fit & Function
Testing Fit & Function
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