Ed Lapour Springfield 1903 3 Position Safety Bolt Shroud


Supplied with a new cocking piece,  striker rod, and firing pin spring. The cocking piece is of headless design. Our design reduces firing pin fall to about .380”. All components are precision machined from US sourced Alloy steel and as necessary, heat-treated. All critical fitting points are left long and over sized for final gunsmith fitting. All parts are supplied in the white. Fitting instructions are included, this is NOT a drop in part. 


If you would like to purchase a unit please send an email and we will provide instructions for payment. Should you have any questions, please feel free to email them.

- $450 - Headless cocking piece w/o Winchester Safety Lock Screw

- $475 - Headless cocking piece w/ Winchester Safety Lock Screw


You can add a Cocking Piece Knob for $50


Bolt Shrouds are available with or without the Winchester Safety Lock Screw. By purchasing without, you accept all liability and responsibility, and in full understanding of removing this extra safety feature. 

Cocking pieces are available with or without the cocking piece knob. 

Production Assembly
Plunger Pin
Knurled Cocking Knob
Cocking Pieces ready for HT
Testing Fit & Function
Testing Fit & Function
Testing Fit & Function
Testing Fit & Function
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Testing Fit & Function